Your eyes,
our focus

Welcome to Brussels Eye Doctors

We understand that good vision is the basis for experiencing unforgettable moments.
With their personal care and advanced technology, our specialised team of ten ophthalmologists, one plastic surgeon and fifteen staff members are determined to protect your vision and improve your quality of life.

Focus on our patients

As a team, we strive to ensure that you can confidently entrust your eye care to our eye specialists. We combine our expertise and experience to enable our patients to enjoy the best possible vision every day.

A life without glasses or contact lenses

Would you like to enjoy good vision without depending on glasses or contact lenses? Did you know that nowadays there are various solutions that can offer you a life without glasses?

Every pair of eyes, everyone’s habits and expectations are different. That is why we determine, together, the treatment that is best suited to your eyes, your visual needs and lifestyle. We are there to guide you, step by step, to a life without glasses.
Your story, your wishes, our expertise.

Eye conditions and treatments

Our eyes are susceptible to various eye diseases and conditions. Our team is at your service to treat each eye condition appropriately and with the most advanced technology.

Our patients’ experiences

Your satisfied look, your restored vision – that is what drives our commitment to provide every patient with the best possible eye care. Discover how our patients have experienced their treatment with us.