Laser treatments

Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be corrected with a laser treatment. Our ophthalmologists master different techniques and we have state-of-the art laser equipment for a treatment customized to your needs and desires.

There is a lot of overlap between the various laser treatments. Every treatment is fast (max. 10 minutes per eye) and nearly painless.

The intake examinations will tell us which treatment is best suited to your eyes.

When are you eligible for a laser treatment?

  • Vision specifications
Treatments are possible for nearsightedness (corrections of -1 to max. -10 dioptres), farsightedness (corrections of +1 to +6 dioptres) or astigmatism (cylinder of up to 6 dioptres).
  • Age
You must be at least 18 years old and your correction has to have been stable over the last 2 years.
  • Conditions involving pregnancy and breastfeeding
If you have just given birth or just stopped breastfeeding, we wait at least 3 months before starting your treatment.
  • Recent intake examination
The intake examination used as the basis for your treatment may not have been carried out more than half a year ago.
  • Exclusion criteria for laser treatment

If you have a corneal disease, a rheumatic condition or have had a corneal inflammation caused by the herpes virus, then unfortunately a laser treatment is not for you.

Various types of laser treatments


With this treatment, we carry out the entire procedure with two lasers. First, a thin layer (the flap) is loosened with the Femto laser. Then, the Excimer laser is used to treat the eye at a deeper level of the cornea. After the laser treatment of your eye, the flap is put back.



With this type of laser treatment, the top cell layer of the cornea is removed manually or with a laser, before the excimer laser starts its work. After the treatment, we place a temporary contact lens on the eye so that the incision can heal. The surface layer grows back fully in less than a week.


We’re happy to help!

Your vision, your comfort, your happiness: this is what we care about at Brussels Eye Doctors. Are you dreaming of a life without glasses or contact lenses? Our experienced team is ready to help you and answer all your questions.

  • The laser treatment itself is very quick (around 10 minutes per eye) and nearly painless.
  • When you arrive at our eye centre, we ensure that you immediately feel comfortable.
    • After the necessary administrative matters have been dealt with, the final requisite measurements are carried out. The surgeon takes the time to measure your vision once more and answer your final questions.
    • Then you are accompanied to the operating room. There, your eye is given a local anaesthetic with drops and is carefully disinfected.
    • In case of a Femto-LASIK treatment, you will first feel a bit of pressure for about forty seconds when the laser creates the flap. After that, the flap is lifted and opened up for treatment with the Excimer laser.
    • While you look at a flickering light, the excimer-laser does its work. You will hear a little crackling sound while the laser is doing its work, which is completely normal. The actual refractive laser procedure takes a couple of minutes per eye and is nearly painless.
    • After the procedure, antibiotic drops are applied.
  • After the laser treatment, you can rest for a while. After a check-up by our team, you can go home. For safety reasons, it is best not to drive yourself and to have someone to accompany you.
  • Taking the preparation, additional tests, treatment and follow-up into account, you will spend around two hours at our eye centre. Because we take our time to ensure everything goes optimally, we advise you to set aside half a day for the treatment.

The price of a laser treatment varies, depending on various individual factors. We consider it important to make a personal price calculation for each patient. For an overview of our fees, please go to the fees page.